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2011  Best in Show,  Gallery 364, Brooklyn, NY  (juried)


2012  Top Pick, Architectural Digest Home Design Show, New York, NY (juried)


2013  Permanent Representation, Allan Knight and Associates, Dallas, TX


2014  Joel Silver Commission, Rhyton Sculpture for remodeled post office in Venice Beach, CA


2014  Susan Frei Nathan Gallery Representation





2014  Susan Frei Nathan Botanical Art


2014  (online gallery)


2013  Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, CA (juried)


2012-2013  Finnegan Gallery, Chicago, Ill


2010  The Artery, Milford, PA (juried)


2009  Jan Larsen Art, Brooklyn, NY


1993  Bernards on Goldfinch, San Diego, CA





2014  Allan Knight and Associates, Dallas, TX


2011  Balsamo Antiques, New York, NY




Group Shows:


2013  The New York Bronx Botanical Garden Sculpture & Antiques Fair: 1750-2013


2013  Designer Show House of Westchester via designer Jacqueline Hosford


2012  The Architectural Digest Home Design Show, New York, NY


2013  The Architectural Digest Home Design Show, New York, NY


2008-2009  Poughkeepsie Artist Studios, Poughkeepsie, NY


2004-2006  Peekskill Artist Studios, Peekskill, NY


2001-2003  Long Island City Art Studios, Long Island City, NY




Education and Training:


1995-1997  MFA in Figurative Sculpture , The Graduate School of Figurative  Art of  The New York Academy of Art


1990-1994  Sculpting tutelage under sculptor, TJ Dixon, San Diego, CA


1990  MFA in Counseling Psychology, National University, San Diego, CA




Related Work:


2005-present  Out-sized botanical studies


2005 to present  C.A. Johnson Ornament Restoration, Katonah, NY     restoration artist


2003-2005  Thirteen studies for mythological fountain heads


2003 to present  Barbara Israel Garden Antiques, Katonah, NY     in-house conservator technician


2002  Multiple garden ornament commissions for Knock But Once, owned by Jim Walb and Jim Key


1999-2002  Five plaster portrait studies


1998  Sheryl commission, half life-size figure


1998  The Leonardo Horse, Beacon, NY     sculpting assistant to Nina Akamu


1997  Plaster finisher for Studio EIS in Brooklyn, NY










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